An Official Journal Of The NRA | NRA Gun Of The Week: Rock River Arms Assurance-C

Rock River Arms is no stranger to the needs of today’s professional user, and as such, has built a reputation of delivering guns meant to perform reliably in less-than-ideal circumstances. For the home defender or sporting enthusiast, the Assurance-C is a quality design with classic styling that makes it a capable performer. Watch the video above to see the Assurance carbine in use on the NRA Tech Range.

The Assurance-C is manufactured by Rock River Arms from forged receivers that are then precisely machined to create a matched set. This machined mating ensures smooth operation and delivers accurate, repeatable results downrange. However, much of the gun’s accuracy potential comes from its 16” lightweight barrel. The barrel is made of chrome-moly steel with 1:8″-twist rifling. Guarding the barrel is a CAR lightweight quad rail that actually came at the request of law-enforcement agencies looking to adopt the Assurance-C for professional use.

Rock River Arms Assurance-C semi-automatic black rifle ar-15

The upper receiver unit houses a traditional forward-assist feature on the right side, a shell deflector and an articulating dust cover. Along the top, there is a continuous length of Picatinny rail, which extends over the handguard and gas block to provide additional room for sights, optics and accessories. As with other AR-15s, the Assurance-C’s action operates via a carbine-length, direct-gas-impingement system.

Rock River Arms Assurnace quad rail underside metal gun parts

We headed to the range with the Rock River Assurance-C Carbine fitted with a Leupold optic for short-range work. Once zeroed, we found the carbine to be a capable unit. Our testers particularly enjoyed the two-stage Ultra Match Trigger. Its pull weight, at just under 5 lbs., is seemingly ideal for a carbine of this type. The breaking point is crisp. We found the included six-position, Operator CAR stock is also a handy upgrade, offering adjustability and storage within for batteries and parts. Generous sling mounting positions are offered as well.

Manufacturer: Rock River Arms
Action Type: direct-impingement, gas-operated, semi-automatic centerfire rifle
Chambering: 5.56 NATO
Barrel: 16.5″ chrome-moly steel
Receivers: forged aluminum
Sights: none; Picatinny rail
Stock: six-position adjustable
Magazine: 30-round detachable box
Trigger: 4-lb., 13-oz. pull
Overall Length: 33″
Weight: 7 lbs.
MSRP: $1,290

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