Confidence Begets Confidence: Bringing More Assurance to Your Sellers

Picture this: you’re a real estate pro with years of experience in many different types of markets and industry challenges. You know how to navigate unique real estate hurdles (like the one we’re all facing now) and switch from helping clients who want to buy to those who want to sell easily. No matter the need or the client–YOU GOT THIS.

But what about your clients? From a down market to a dip in home prices to a drop in consumer confidence, home sellers can have many reasons to feel anything but confident when trying to go through selling a home.

This is where agents can shine as more than just a helping hand in trying to sell off a home quickly; this is the perfect opportunity to step in as a consultant, cheerleader and influencer to inspire assurance in clients, helping them to feel more confident that they’re are not only going to sell their home but get the best possible return in the end.

Here are some ways you as the agent can create an encouraging and inspiring experience that results in a home sold and a happy client.

Know your stuff

Resting on your laurels will never be the way to go. Yeah, you can show off your sales numbers and client count on your social media pages and website, but the real test is seeing you in action. Demonstrating your knowledge of the market will put clients at ease, including having a good finger on the pulse of what’s going on with listings around them.

By coming to the table with research on the market at the very first meeting, including a well-searched market report, shows you know what you’re talking about. Clients who want to sell their property will feel more comfortable with an agent who can answer their questions and concerns about competitive listings.

Be their guide to helpful partners

When selling a house, clients might think buyers will take them as-is. Since this is rarely the case, it’s important to have friends in helpful places, such as marketplace partners. From plumbing to roofing, electric work to landscaping, clients will inevitably need to fix something, meaning well-positioned partners, like HomeSmart’s list of Partners, will only help to solve their problems and get their listing as ready as it can be to sell.

No surprises: take them through the entire process

As a real estate agent, you know the transaction process front to back–or you should have the support you need to take you and your client through it. However, your clients might not understand all the nuances of what it takes to sell a house.

It’s essential to take the time to explain all steps of the selling process, including the paperwork and background involved. From the language on the purchase agreement to different selling options to the contingencies the seller should consider, there are many things to be aware of and to communicate to your clients. Ensure you’re providing them the insight into the timelines when it comes to inspections, the back and forth with the potential buyers (and there might be a lot of potential buyers they have to consider) and so on. This will encourage them to have the right expectations while also trusting that you as their guide is helping them stay on a realistic track.

It’s vital to remember that the sale of a home can be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. Although the process is inherently complicated, you can do your best to take as much stress and anxiety away as possible. As agents we tend to outsell ourselves and not listen to their needs. The Moral of this story is to talk less and listen more!

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Charlie Bush

Charlie Bush is a personal finance reporter for myexpertech. Previously, she covered personal finance at BuzzFeed. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Stony Brook University and is working toward a Master’s degree in Behavioral Economics.

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