How Space Tech can transform the way we monitor, measure and report ESG metrics

– ESG requirements are broadening and require richer data with greater assurance

– Space Tech to become central to business operations for accurate ESG reporting

EY Space Tech Lab leaders urged all sectors to consider how Earth Observation technologies would factor into their ESG reporting.

Hosting a panel discussion at the Australian Space Forum titled The Future of ESG and Space, EY Space Tech Lab leader Anthony Jones told attendees:

“The breadth of ESG requirements mean companies need to better understand everything from emissions to biodiversity, from water use to health and safety – and a whole lot more.

“Earth Observation data is already so detailed and improving all the time.  Iknow how powerful EO data is going to be in helping our clients achieve their ESG goals because we’re already using it. We’ve used Earth Observation to help one client discover water leaks without manual inspection, and another to monitor vegetation growth around remote infrastructure which has helped them improve fire management.


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Charlie Bush

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