How Space Tech can transform the way we monitor, measure and report ESG metrics

“This allows us to identify hotspots where Green House Gas emissions being produced, so for any GHG emitter they can get accurate estimates of the volume being produced at their location.

“Technology like this is another data layer providing accuracy for clients responding to ESG legislations globally. These tools are quickly becoming intertwined with ESG reporting to ensure there is audited accuracy as mandated by global requirements to report your carbon footprint. It is a literal and visual interpretation of the GHG being produced by your organisation, so the ESG agenda is becoming so innately tied to what Space Tech has to offer,” Dr White said.

Mr Jones said he hoped all sectors began to embed Space Tech into ESG principles in a way that supports modern expectations of ESG on Earth, rather than having to fix mistakes later.

“Let’s take our terrestrial learnings into Space,” Mr Jones said.

“I believe we’ll all be surprised by how quickly Space Tech will become central to business operations, beyond the already critical role GPS plays in our financial system.

“Now it’s up to all of us to uplift our values and those of our organisations on Earth and in Space.”

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Charlie Bush

Charlie Bush is a personal finance reporter for myexpertech. Previously, she covered personal finance at BuzzFeed. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Stony Brook University and is working toward a Master’s degree in Behavioral Economics.

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